New G-Mail Look.

If you all use Gmail you may have heard about the new “look” they are implementing very soon. I know that you all going to hate it as is the case with any updates to the look of a website. Regardless I have some screenshots of the new look.

The interface

The interface look hasn’t really changed that much, however now you can tweak it even more with new themes and new font sizes.


You have three ways of viewing the font, with the comfortable option being the default option. All these do really as I said is change the font size.

New themes

Finally there are some decent themes for G-Mail now, most of which work well with the new interface. At the moment I am using the “Dark” theme, but there are also classic, and HD themes to choose from.



The inbox has been slightly altered to make it easier to sort through your mail, it seems to have infinite scrolling but I’ve needed to use this anyway. (By the way notice something on the screenshot that shouldn’t be there any more? Hint: Bess make a ……… sound)



Overall you won’t really find that much improvement over the standard G-Mail interface. The new changes and themes are welcomed.   If you want to access the new interface there should be a link in the bottom right of your Gmail account, if it isn’t there clear your browsers cache and try again. Even if you can’t get on this new interface Google are going to force you to use it soon anyway.

What do you think of the new interface? Let me know in the comments.


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