App Review – FireFox for Android

We all know and love FireFox, it’s the most customisable browsers out there for the desktop computers. However, it’s mobile counterpart is somewhat lacking in that area.

The browsing speed

The browsing speed is very disappointing, even when on 100% Wifi signal it still was slow.  Also with this the websites looked horrible when compared to that on the default browser on my GS2.



As you would expect with FireFox there are addons and themes (via personas) and Firefox mobile is the only mobile web browser to offer a good selection of addons, although none of them are any good, and quite frankly the lists don’t seem to get updated.  It does a good job of brining tabs from your desktop FireFox, but you can use Chrome to Phone as FF’s browsing speed as mentioned is piss poor.

However as with the desktop version you have to restart the browser every time you install a new addon. Which is very annoying considering how long it takes to open the app.


On my GS1, it was a nightmare in terms of performance, the app was really sluggish and it took forever to open the application. Things did improve on the GS2, but performance is still an issue.


The tool bars are in fact not in the way, and if you need them you can swipe to the sides to get them up. I never found a need to use these tools bars, but it’s a nice addition.

SC20111029-091824       SC20111029-091829


While free this application is rubbish. Although it does have some nice features, there are other mobile web browsers out there that are much better in terms of speed and performance.  It’s rendering of websites makes them look awefiul, and it has poor – no flash support.

However FireFox mobile’s collection of addons is somewhat better than those on other browsers, but the main issue of having to restart the application for every addon installed is a joke.

This application gets a 4/10.


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