App Review – DropBox for Android

Well all know of Dropbox. It’s one of the best cloud storage tools. It allows you to sync files between many different devices, and across many different types of computers whether it be Mac or PC, everyone can access DropBox.

Android is no exception, and when I downloaded the application I was amazed. IN the early days, the app could do nothing except view files, you couldn’t upload (or download) any thing. However recently they have added uploading and downloading, along with streaming video and audio.


The screenshots you are seeing now were uploaded to DropBox right from my phone. I have to say it works really well over 3G (Considering I only have 256MB).  I was able to view my CV right from the application, which means that this app has support for MS office documents.

As you can see from the screen shot above you can upload practically any file to DropBox, but where it shines, is it’s ablity to stream music and videos right from your dropbox to your phone.  As for images, it is a basic image viewer. You also cannot move, delete or rename any files while using drop box on the phone.

Overall DropBox is a worthy application to use, if you have lots of music you can stream it rather than have it on your phone. However if you are a free user you’ll be stuck with only 2GB of storage which will serve more basic needs. However there are ways to increase the storage space for free. You’ll need to look at the DropBox website for more information.

Download App:

DropBox website:

Thanks for reading, do you use DropBox? What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments.


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