Galaxy S2 – Mini Review

I am not going to be giving you a massive review, just some screenshots and descriptions.

Social Hub


Social hub is fantastic, it allows you to post to all your social networks (with Google+ as an exception). It works quite well but is lacking in features, mainly the ability to post pictures right from the application. However when I first started using this it had connection issues even though the wireless signal was at 100% and I was in the same room.

Reader Hub


I have not fully tried reader hub yet, and will likely never use it. Judging by the screenshot above it seems to offer paid magazines and books much like the iBook store and Apple’s newsstand. However it’s nice to have it there just in case I ever do decide to use it.

Music Hub


Music hub is essentially Android’s attempt at iTunes. I really like the interface on the Music hub, it looks much better and more stream lined than that of the iTunes store. However the songs are a little bit more pricey, which may put you off using music hub.  You can just get songs from iTunes and copy them to your SGS2, and play them from the music application.

Game Hub


If I am being honest the selection of games on the game hub is somewhat shit. They might be worth playing if they are free.  I have not tried one, and sadly this is one feature I’ll likely not be using. Again though it is nice to have in case I do end up using it.



The Gmail App is actually not bad. On my old Galaxy S it wouldn’t update with new mails for some reason, but the problems are a thing of the past on the Galaxy S2. It also has support for labels as well, and it also has push and status bar notifications, so you’ll never miss an E-mail again.  If you don’t use Gmail there is another Email app you can use.



The Gallery is where all your photos and images are stored. You can access the images and share them with the social networks that you have set up via social hub. It also syncs with Google Picassa. You can also take a picture from right inside the application should you chose.

Music App


If you’ve used an iDevice before then this screen will look familiar to you. Personally I like the look of the android music player, as the dark theme works well across android. As I said before it can and will play all your iTunes music without any problems.



I don’t have much to say on the Calendar application other than it looks amazing, and it syncs with Google Calendar. It also can display your contacts birthdays as well. Other than that this is your typical calendar application.

Web browser


The default web browser is pretty fast. I found myself using the default web browser than all the others because of its speed. However don’t expect too much customisation, there is none. It’s your basic web browser, but it does support flash content fairly well without any slowdowns.

Photo editor


Again there really isn’t much to say than it’s your basic photo editor, it only allows basic touch ups, so don’t expect it to stand up to photoshop any time soon. Again it’s nice to see such an application included, and it’s one that I might actually use.

Video editor


The only thing about the video editor is that it’s a near perfect clone of iMovie for iPod touch. Except that this editor is free. As with the photo editor don’t expect this to stand up to other movie editing applications. It allows for basic cutting etc. This is geared more towards home movies, than actual professional projects. However with all this aside, the editor does actually work fairly well.

Voice commands/Voice Talk


Think of these as Android’s answer to Siri. They do a decent job, but they have limited use if you are not disabled, and if you are not in a car, you can use your phone just fine without these applications It dopes have a few problems recognizing speech, but overall it does a decent job.

Video Quality

Watch the video below and see for your self.

Testing the camera.
Photo Quality


In my opinion the photo quality on this phone is the best I have seen, and the photo above was taken with an 8MP Camera on the back of the phone, you might not be able to tell from the small size of the image, but at full resolution it looks amazing. (Yes I know the last thing you wanted to see was my face)

That is about all I have on this subject, there are other applications but they are basic stuff that isn’t worth showing. I hope you liked reading this post. Thanks for reading.


5 thoughts on “Galaxy S2 – Mini Review

  1. Gone are the days when a phone was just a phone. Now a phone is almost used for web surfing, texting and taking pictures more than talking on the phone.

  2. cause this phone can actually crushed iphone 4…..this phone had a great big lcd display 3.7 inch than compare to iphone 4 “3.5 inch …and its processor is 1.4 Ghz than compare to iphone 4 “1 Ghz……………

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