Cool Websites – Life of Android: News, and app reviews.

Part of the main home page.

If you are an android fan such as myself, and find it hard to find a specific website focused on Android, then you may be interested in “Life Of Android”.  I have to admit, I’ve never been a fan of smartphone and tablet news, but when Suzi Perry(Gadget Show host) recommended this website on twitter.  I had to look at it, and I have to say I’m really interested in this website as it’s really got me more interested in Android news.

Part of the main home page.

Life of Android contains some of the best app reviews I have ever seen, they don’t confuse you with their own personal opinion, they have lists which list the pros and cons of each application that they review.  They also have their “Best Apps” Area which is where you can find the apps that life of Android recommends, both free and paid.

The reviews are usually unbiased, which means there are no iOS v Android wars.  The website even has its own Facebook and YouTube pages.

It also has a “How to Section” which contains tutorials for those new to Android, which makes this one of the first stops for any Android user.

Not only that, you can also add your own review of an app, and look at other community reviews.

As for the look and style of the website.  I have to say it’s one of the best and most functional designs I have ever seen, and everything you could possibly want to access is right there in front of you.

One thing I have noticed is that there isn’t a mobile version of the website which is ironic considering it’s about a mobile operating system. I’ve tried on both iOS and Android web browsers and they are both the same. Whether this was intentional or not I do not know.

You can check out life of android here:

Let me know what you think of the website, is it good or bad? Why not get on there and start reviewing applications?


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