Best Web browsers for you.

It’s not a lie that there is a lot of competition between different browsers out there, and this causes a lot of confusion. There is one burning question and it’s Which web browser is right for me?

So I am going to list which browser is best in differet Categories, and Move on to the worst web browsers.

Social Networking


I love using Rockmelt, it’s one of my favorite web browsers as it allows me to post to my social networks without having to use a desktop application or go to the website.  Best of all it is comptaible with Google Chrome extensions and themes, and it also has it’s own YouTube app which can play YouTube videos without having to visit the webstite.

Here is where it excels.

  • Fast
  • Comes with Built in flash.
  • Amazing Facebook and twitter integration.
  • Facebook Chat integration
  • Compatibility with Google Chrome extensions

However it still falls short in some areas, mainly it’s high system resource usage, as each tab and plugin are in their own process. While this prevents the browser from crashing, it also consumes vast ammounts of system resources.

Where it falls short.

  • Lack of true customization.
  • High Resource usage
  • Google Search Box can be intrusive.
  • Sidebars for plugins and contacts are very intrusive, but can be turned off.



While FireFox might not be the fastest web browser on the market, it does a very good job at customization, and it also has tight integration with any antivirus applications you have when downloading files.  I love FireFox for it’s sheer customization. There are also 100’s if not 1000’s of tweaks you can do to FireFox, and it also has the best interface in my opinion.

Where it excels

  • Great addon and customisation suppport.
  • Extensions are a lot better than their chrome counterparts
  • Interface can be fully customized, either manually or through addons.
  • Well supported with constant updates
  • Themes are a ton better than those encounted in Google Chrome.

However not all is well with FireFox, since it keeps all addons etc in one process it means that if one tab crashes, the entire browser crashes prompting you to restart your browser.

Where it falls short

  • Browsing speed is slower when compared to other browsers.
  • High resource usage
  • Prone to crashing
  • When downloading files it opens a new window is is annoying.
  • When installing (most) extensions you need to restart the browser.


Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the fastest browser on the market at the moment. It has all the same features as Rockmelt with the exception of the social networking features, it also has flash bulit in which makes this a great first time browser.

Where it excels

  • Fast web browsing
  • Never crashes
  • Addons do not require a browser restart.

However Google Chrome falls short when it comes to customization. It’s addons are not as good as those seen on FireFox.

Where it falls short.

  • Addons are not as good as their FireFox counterparts.
  • High system resource usage
  • Uses IE settings when configuring connections settings (Why)
  • Web Apps are just bookmarks to websites.

Browsers that fail

Internet Explorer

Internet explorer is always behind when it comes to new web browsing technology. Granted IE9 has made some improvements over previous versions, it’s still slow and still tends to crash a lot. It is also one of the only web browsers to not offer true browser extensions.


I find Safari to be slow and crash a lot. It also has the worst addons for it, and it uses the tacky blue theme on Windows. While it might be good on OSX the Windows version is very poor.  I am not being biased. I’ll give Safari a good point for trying, but it just fails.


Maxthon could have been a good browser but I found it very confusing especially the passport feature, It also uses the IE rendering engine, so it makes this a very slow browser.  There really is no incentive to use this browser other than for testing purposes. Also worth mentioning is that this browser has next to no addons.


I’ll grant opera that it is a fast browser and it does have that opera turbo feature. However when I use it, it renders web pages as crappy HTML, and it also crahses too often, and at home it seems to automatically block websites such as Google+. It also has very little in terms of addons and extensions, however it has a really customisable interface that rivals that of  FireFox.


Flock was a good web browser, but it was overly complicated to set up and the interface was a mess. It tried and failed, and this is where Rockmelt comes in.


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