E-mail returns to Blackberry.








Recently I have seen people complain about Black Berry messenger not working from people on Facebook, and oddly enough it’s not an isolated incident.

It seems that many of Black Berry’s servers have crashed, which isn’t good considering that Black Berry is struggling to get people to purchase their phones (Which is understandable).

Let’s not forget that the service was closed down during the UK Riots back in August as people were using it to organise raids etc. but this downtime seems to have nothing to do with the riots.

The company has also warned that there may be delays restoring other services such as the messenger service.

[Source BBC News Technology: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-15243892 ]

Does this not seem familiar? Lets look back onto the PSN downtime when Lulzsec attacked it, we’re getting the same bullshit from Blackberry. Could this be an attack by Lulzsec once again? Leave your opinions in the comments.


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