Borderlands Tips

I have decided to make a blog post giving you my tips for playing borderlands. Borderlands is one of the best games I have ever played, due to the random gun (and item) generation each time I load up my save there are new guns waiting to be found. It seems that Gearbox wanted people to exploit this as much as they can, and this is an awesome feature.

These tips are for the first play-through, and I will be giving tips for the second play-through when I get the chance.


Your character choice is up to you, each character has certain action skills, and some are more useful than others.

If you are a new player, I recommend playing as Roland As he starts off with a weak combat rifle, but he has the best action skill which is his scorpio turret (You need to be level 5) which as Roland says “It’s like havin another solider on the field”  Which is accurate, because the turret is powerful, and it also provides cover. Later in the game you can upgrade the turret to give you health and ammo regeneration, it can also be modified with Elemental powers which I will cover later. The let down with the turret is the long cool down time, however you can reduce this by getting upgrades after leveling up. It is somewhat of a balancing act though, as on one hand you can upgrade it’s damage, making the wait for the cool down worth it, or you can upgrade it’s cool down time so it’s there for you if you find your self in a Jam.

Roland also has some pretty decent  upgrades you can apply while levelling up, some of these include extra damage and grenade regeneration after killing an enemy.

Roland also has some of the best class mods in the game, on my PS3 save, I have a very high rate ammo regeneration, in fact so high that every bullet I shoot is regenerated as soon as I shoot it.


As far as weapons go I cannot give a definitive guide, all I can recommend is that you ditch your starting weapon ASAP, and get a more powerful weapon. However keep hold of the starting weapon until around level seven.

I recommend you use Combat Rifles, Snipers and Repeaters. I personally have found shotguns to be of little use, considering that most of the combat will be out in the open. Also if any Scavnenger missions come up, take them and complete them. You might get a decent weapon or a complete pile of junk.

Earlier I mentioned elemental weapons, which are Explosive, Caustic, Static and Incendiary. These are weapon effects, which are found on certain weapons. The most useful are  Incendiary weapons, the explosive effect is only good on the scorpio turret, as it does next to nothing with conventional weapons. The elemental effect can cause extra damage, so if conventional shots do not kill the target, the elemental effect will.

Weapons such as Rocket Launchers are useless, unless you are taking out a heavily defended position, you can complete the entire game without using a rocket launcher, they are only really useful for selling at the shops.

Grenades can be modded, I recommend using the transfusion mod. As it will steal health from the enemy and give it to you, which is great if you are low on health especially at lower levels, it can save item space in your backpack. I’ve also found the longbow mod to be useful. As with normal weapons, some mods also add elemental effects to the grenades.


As far as Shields go, I recommend that in the early parts of the game, you get a shield with slow health regeneration, and when a more powerful shield comes along, take it. You have to consider recharge time, effects and power of the shield into account when using one. On my PS3 save, I found a 1001 HP Shield, making it the most powerful in the game, and I have not been able to find a better shield.

Class mods

Class mods are very important, and you should not pass them up if you need one. Roland Can use Ammo regeneration mods, and each mod requires a specific character to use them. So when you have a class mod you can’t use you can just sell it.


Looting is a must in Borderlands, if you need infinite loot you can loot > Save > Quit > Re-load> Loot. Repeat that process as many times as you need. I personally don’t do this as it would get annoying, but it is worth doing if you need loot.


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