Tagged! – 15 Random Facts about your self.

Alhtough I have not been “Tagged” I am going to start the trend all over again. If you want you can tag other people, and so on. If you become tagged you need to present 15 random facts about your self, and then tag someone else.

My Random facts

  1. I am terrified of insects, big or small they scare me
  2. I am fat
  3. I am ugly
  4. I do not own a gaming computer
  5. I do not hate Apple at all.
  6. I love the Metal Gear Solid series
  7. I am not a CoD fanboy, even though I like playing them.
  8. I am terrible at hand writing
  9. I failed German in High school because the teacher told me to put anything down …. not my fault she gave me dodgy advice is it?
  10. I was heavily bullied in school.
  11. I hate roast dinners (Including Xmas Dinner)
  12. I don’t that much healthy food.
  13. I have not drunk any fizzy drinks in about two years.
  14. I love getting Take away from my local Curry house ( 😀 )
  15. I own people on Xbox live that tell me to shut up.

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