Gaming Fails #1

In this blog post I am going to cover the games that have failed, and why they have failed. I will also list other gaming stuff that has failed.


Reason for Fails

– 3 Disc on Xbox

– 8GB PS3 install

– A whopping 25GB Steam download

– Single player and Multiplayer code required

Rage was supposed to be a good game, however it failed due to the facts above. I used to have huge respect for John Carmack, but now making a game which requires a code for single player …. yes single player … it’s wrong. Not to mention the 25Gb Download on steam, which will take days even if you are on Fiber optic. Don’t count on getting it cheaper pre-owned, you’ll only be able to play 1 level of the campaign. All of these fails and the fucking game isn’t even out yet. I will be avoiding Rage at all costs.


Why it fails

– Cannot purchase a second controller.

– Graphics are shit compared to the PS3 and Xbox (although it’s very close)

– Controller (according to different sources) is cheap and  flimsy.

– No split-screen (due to the controller)
The WiiU….. what a shit console already. They are trying to force people into using a tablet controller, which guess what sucks for gaming.  Also the fact that if you drop the Controller and break it, which by the way isn’t going to be difficult then that means you cannot play on the WiiU and you cannot get a replacement, also considering how much tablets are, you’re looking at paying £500+ for the console alone.


Why it fails

– Over priced for a handheld

– Mediocre titles

– 3D effect strangely does not work.

I thought I would try the 3Ds before I think about buying one, and I am glad I did. The 3D effect wasn’t working,  had switched it on and all I saw were two images, and they were very blurry. I don’t think that we should have to sit at a special angle to use the 3D functionality, as it defeats the whole fucking purpose of it being portable, in fact the best thing about the 3ds is the ability to turn the 3D off.

The only redeeming thing about the 3Ds is the upcoming MGS3 for it, from what I have heard it has an interesting camo system, where you can take pictures off everyday objects and use them as Camouflage.

C&C 4

Why it failed

– Need a constant online connection

– Messed up unlock system

– No base building

I do find the story of C&C 4 to be quite good, the live actions scenes are very well acted, however it missed the element which made C&C an RTS game. In fact C&C is not an RTS game, it’s a RTT (Real Time Tactical) much like World in Conflict but much worse.The base building and resource gathering are what makes an RTS game.

Well guess what you have IGN and other reviewers for saying “It’s the same core gameplay, which is bad” however the same reviewrs said that they missed the base building in C&C4.


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