Foray into Gaming videos – Big Success FAQ

I wanted to make this post the other day but Windows Live Writer wasn’t copperating with me, and it crashed after I spent a good 1.5 hours on it. So this post is a few weeks late, but meh better late than never eh.

Even though all recording equipment was expensive, it was well worth it. I have nothing but positive comments on my gaming videos, so thank you all. I will try and get some more games out there. I want to try and do a complete walkthrough of a game. So if you have any suggestions for games for me to make a walkthrough for, let me know in the comments, and I’ll see what I can do.


Time for the FAQ.

How much did the Hauppauge cost you?

About £149.99 from

Why did you decide to make gaming videos?

I felt that I needed to expand into other areas, as ideas for screen casts have not been coming in for a while, and it’s better to have some videos uploaded than none at all.

Why not make a separate channel for the gaming videos?

I don’t see why I would need to. I can make series playlists which will show up when people view my channel. (I recommend you use Cosmic panda to view my channel)

Will you enable revenue share on the gaming videos?

No, due to legal reasons.

Will you lose partnership because of the gaming videos?

I hope not. Losing my partnership will be a big loss for me, especially with my contract at the BBC ending in couple of months. It is one of my main sources of income. Even if I do lose partnership I’ll still make videos.

What software do you use to edit your gameplay videos with?

Sony Vegas mainly, but I am having issues importing MP4 files so I can’t add commentary until I can solve the issue.

How large are the video files before editing?

A ten minute video is usually around 600-610MB.

Are you making a tutorial on how to set the Hauppauge up?

If enough people request it, but honestly all you need are the component cables for your console of choice, and a TV with component ports. There are instructions with the Hauppauge that show you how to do it. The Hauppague comes with everything else you need.

Can the Hauppage use HDMI?

The one I have can’t, however there are other versions out there such as the HD version that support HDMI.

Can I record more than just games with the Hauppauge?

Yes, you can record your TV and your DVD player. However setting them up is not that easy.

Is the capture software easy to use?

Yes but I must warn you that you’ll need a fairly decent computer, but other than that all you need to do is plug in the hauppage via USB and then click on capture.  Keep in mind that the Hauppauge does not support 1080p , it supports 480p, 720p and 1080i, so make sure you change the console settings before hand.

What rendering settings do you use when capturing?

None,  I just record and upload.

How long do the uploads take?

For me they take a few hours.

How often do you upload gaming videos?

One video per day, however if I miss a day I make two videos the next day to make up for it.

Are you going to make grefing videos?

Not until I work out how to comment and record at the same time. I might invest in turtle beeches but I consider using them to be cheating, as you have an enhanced sensory perception.



Anyway thanks for reading this long post. Any more questions can be posted via the comments below.






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