Future Plans – Game reviews?

As you all may well know by now, I recently got an Xbox and I have also gotten Xbox live, however I’ve noticed I’ve never done a real game review, and I figured since I have a webcam, a Laptop and an Xbox, I can do reviews.

Basically I am going to have the webcam focused on myself as I am playing the game and I am going to talk about my experiences while I am playing the game. The sessions will last maybe 10 mins at most and hopefully they can be done without too much editing, and with any luck there will be no mess ups, unless they were intended to mess up.

I am also purchasing fraps very soon which means I can offer reviews and lets plays.

I am trying to shift my focus to more of a a gaming channel, but I’ll still be making tutorials thanks to BB Flashback.

I’ve touched on gaming a few times on my channel but I have never had the patience to do it, I believe this time I can. Keep watching for more information and give this blog a like on Facebook.

Thanks for reading.


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