FAQ – #1 – 1/9/2011

I decided to make an FAQ post once again. I will be listeing all the questions along with my answers.

Why haven’t you made any screen casts for months?
Since BB Flashback updated to version 3 I foolishly thought that I could no longer use BB Flashback, however yesterday (31/08/2011) I sent them an E-mail and they got back to me with a new license key for Version 3. I also made a screen cast on that day too but I could not upload it until today.

Why BB Flashback?
BB Flashback is THE best screen recording application I have ever used. It has high video quality regardless of what format I export in. A highly recommended application.

You said Camtasia Studio was good, has your opinion changed?
I am not going to lie, yes my opinion on Camtasia has changed. Camtasia is good, but no where near as good as BB Flashback.

What format do you export your screencasts in and which is the best one?
Depends on how much time I have, if I have enough time I’ll export in .MOV, if I don’t I will export in WMV. As for the best format I can’t really give an opinion. It’s up to you really, I have found that MOV and WMV’s are the best for screen casts as they have a small file size. You could try .AVI but AVI’s are more trial and error.

BB Flashback has a YouTube export feature why don’t you use it?
In the past desktop YouTube uploaders have never worked, and when they do the quality of the video is horrible. BB Flashback isn’t too bad, but I don’t like the quality the YouTube export provides, it also exports it to YouTube in SWF format. (AKA Flash format)

Why do you never highlight the cursor on your videos?
I have done in the past and I find it annoying and un-needed.

Are you using CosmicPanda?
Yes, it makes YouTube less system hungry.

Why did you get the laptop?
My Acer Aspire X3100 Desktop was getting too old, and I needed something new. I still have the desktop as it does make for a very good back up computer should the laptop break down. The laptops hardware is also a lot better than my desktop’s.  The laptop was also only £250 brand new, which was a lucky bargin.

I went into your IRC channel but you were not there… why?
Becuase I have a job and I am always chatting in another channel.  Also worth noting is that it hasn’t even took off as no one has bothered coming into it. I try to get into the channel as much as I can.

Why are my comments on wordpress not showing up?
Most of the time wordpress thinks it is spam and I need to “Not Spam” and Approve the comment before it can appear.  How wordpress can tell what is spam and what isn’t spam  is beyond my control.

Why do you not make many video blogs while you are out and about?
I get real nervous because, one it looks like I am talking to myself, two if there are kids around they may think I am recording them, and three The area I live in is crime ridden and if a feral youth sees me carrying an iPod around they will try and mug me.

In terms of crime how bad is Wythenshawe?
Here is an example of how bad it is. A feral Youth outside a shop asked a man to get him come cigs and the man said “no” and the feral youth killed him.  Example two: A guy got shot, and then a large cowd of drunken irish goons stormed the local town centre. The day after someone else got shot. Example 3: On bomfire night, feral youths shoot fireworks at people on purpose.   So trust me on this Wythenshawe is a very bad place to live, despite what the TV and other media say.

If given the chance would you leave Wythenshawe for good?
Yeah I would, the first chance I get I am leaving Wythenshawe, there is nothing for me in Wythenshawe. No jobs and no future.

If you were to leave Wythenshawe, where would you like to live?
I want to live in Los Angeles or Las Veagas. All the good stuff in terms of technology andgaming happen there.

Have you ever been invited to CES or E3?
No never…. they don’t think I exist, or they don’t think I’m good enough. I always miss out. I’ve never had the money to go to LA or Vegas and I don’t even have a passport.


2 thoughts on “FAQ – #1 – 1/9/2011

    1. Thanks.

      They only gave me version 3 because of my persistence, as they are no longer giving out free codes to people on YouTube due to piracy, and the lack of targeted audience. So I think I was pretty lucky when they gave me another license key. Just keep nagging them for it. I amm condiering asking them if I can bulky buy license codes to do a give away on YouTube.

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