Updates – Where I’ve been and what have I been up to.

As you all may well know, for the past few weeks I have not been making any screencasts or video blogs.

I am going to explain all in this blog post.


Bad Chest

For the past two weeks I’ve been having a bad chest and it even meant I had to take two trips to the hospital, I even had to go hospital on my birthday (August 20th) which didn’t help, and I was in very bad pain. The pain where you want someone to put you out of your misery. It all turned out to be a bad chest infection and I had inflammation of the muscles around my heart, so thankfully my heart itself was not affected. I have even had to take a week off work as on Monday my chest pains started to come back and I didn’t want to make it any worse. I do a lot of running around at work and heavy lifting combined with running around would have certainly made things worse. I personally hate staying off work, but there is nothing more important than my health.


New Xbox

During the week I was recovering I decided that since I was bored that I would get an Xbox, and due to this you can now add me on Xbox Live, my gamer tag is BeatJohn. I can only play Halo reach online at the moment, and people have been saying that my headset is broken, which it isn’t. My Xbox live headset is working fine, it’s just that the microphone volume isn’t very loud, so I will be investing in getting a better headset.

I have not switched from the PS3. I like all consoles, the reason I am not playing on PS3 at the moment is due to the lack of new releases.

The Xbox does in fact have better exclusives than the PS3, despite popular belief, and my Xbox wireless is a lot better than the PS3 wireless.

I did not do an unboxing of the new Xbox as I was not well and I did not see the need. The Xbox is the 4GB model, so I can’t use Theatre or Co-Op matchmaking on Halo reach.


No Screen casting software

As for my screen casts I am still trying to get either BBFlashback Pro or Camtasia Studio for free without having to pirate it, I’ve tried getting the new version of BBFlashback for free but the company have not responded, so I am going to try and contact techsmith to see if they will let me use Camtasia Studio for free.

I would use CamStudio but I hate it, and since you can no longer acquire the lossless codec, I see no point in using it . I prefer Screen casting tools to have their own editor, BBFlashBack and Camtasia have one, CamStudio does not.


IRC Channel Updates

I said I was going to make a tutorial on how to connect to my IRC channel using various applications and I am going to do so, but they will be text based for now so you can read through them. For more information on this go to http://www.illage3.wordpress.com/irc-info/


That is about all the updates I have to offer. I apologise for not making any screencasts in a while.


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