Tutorial – Connecting with IRC via Trillian.

In this post I am going to show you how to connect to my IRC channel using Trillian.

Before you begin make sure you have a Trillian account and the software downloaded. This tutorial is based on the Windows version of Trillian so if you are using a Mac then you are out of luck.


Step One – Setting up.

First thing you need to do is open the account manager, this can be done by clicking on the trillian button at the very top of the main trillian Window.


Once you are on the account manager, you need to add the IRC server and channels you want to join.


Click on Add new account > IRC. When it comes on, all you need to do is enter irc.geekshed.net in the box which says server, as for the other two boxes just enter in your IRC nick (You need to have registered with geekshed before hand if not then you will not have a nick).


Step 2 – Joining a Channel.

Once you have added the IRC account you can close the account manager and then return to the main IRC window. At the top of the main trillian Window you will see a new IRC icon, click on that and then click connect to (your nick), then click the icon again and click on “Join a channel”.

Then all you have to do is enter in the channel you want to join. In this case it will be #illage3. Enter #illage3 (or the channel) into the “Room Title” box.


You don’t need to enter anything into the password section. Just click connect and it should let you start chatting.



As I said in this tutorial you need to make a trillian account and a GeekShed account both of which are free. Trillian is a freeware download for Windows and Mac.


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