Blog Updates–10/08/2011

I decided to update my blog again, so I will list the changes that I have made below.



  • Added Facebook Widget, and created a Facebook page so I can use it. Since I only just made the page (about 5 min ago) there isn’t anything on there yet.


  • I changed the theme to Piano Black as I fancied a change, and I think it looks nice.

Other Changes

  • Added a ton of information to my IRC information page, if you need to know how to connect to my IRC channel, then give that a read, it contains everything you need to know, however for some clients I am going to be making a tutorial on wordpress and on YouTube on how do it.
  • I will be taking some stuff of the navigation bar at the top, as no one visits all of them. However I will be keeping those pages up should I want to re-activate them in the future.

Planned Changes

  • I am currently planning on getting my own domain and host for my blog, so I can integrate my IRC chat into my blog, but at the moment I am waiting until I next get paid before I can do anything.

Facebook Page

I created the Facebook page in the hopes I could get more people reading my blog, it also allowed me to use the Facebook “Like” Widget on the blog. I have also linked it to my Twitter account but I am not sure which way it works yet, so I’ll be doing some testing to see what happens.

Future Google+ Integration

I am hoping that I can get Google+ Integrated sometime in the future when a widget becomes available, I have a Google+ page and would love to integrate it into the blog.


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