Plans for Blog.

In this blog post I am going to be giving you all some information about how I plan to change the blog around and how things are going to work in the not too distant future. I feel it needs changing again, but this time I want to see what you all think, so read this post and leave a comment with your suggestions.


Domain and Hosting

The other day I was chatting over IRC with Haydn and Toastface, and we were discussing how I could embed my IRC chat on my blog. However we found out that does not support the embed tags, so we discussed how we could get it to work and the topic of getting my own domain name and host came up. I decided it was time to get my own domain and host, however at the moment I am waiting until I next get paid before I start thinking of that.

Getting a host and domain offer the advantage of having wordpress plugins and special themes working, not too mention that I can get the IRC chat working.


More news and lists

I am hoping to get more lists put up here on the blog, they seem to gather a lot of readers and people usually post comments on them, I am currently working on list ideas, at the moment though I do not have the time, with me being in work and so on.

Also I am hoping to get more tech news and reviews up on the blog  as well.



More stuff is to come on the blog, that is where you come in, leave a comment with your suggestions.


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