Hopes and Fears – Modern Warfare 3.

This post will either gain me a lot of hate or a lot of praise. I decided to list my hopes and fears for the next Call of Duty Title.


  • Better On-line stability – Every Call of Duty game has the worst on-line stability, I’ve had disconnections, lag and lets not forget the hit detection system doesn’t work correctly. These issues have been around since Call of Duty 4, and they have not been fixed.
    This isn’t limited to PSN, I’ve had these problems on Xbox live too.
  • Less Sniping – Personally I think too many people prefer to camp and Snipe you. I really think there should be less focus on sniping, and I would like some maps to disable the use of snipers completely.
  • Better Kill streak system. – Get to a certain rank before having kill streaks could be a good idea.
  • Same Graphics (confirmed) – Sadly the graphics engine hasn’t been updated, just as I have been saying. I saw some gameplay footage at HMV.
  • Same sounds(Confirmed) The guns and explosions don’t sound good enough. They have lazily re-used sounds from MW2.
  • Lag Switchers – Nothing has been done about this, and a lot of people get away with it. I fear that there may be more on MW3 again.
  • Modded Controllers – Only I can fast fire without the need of a modded controller, I think there should be a way to identify and ban those using modded controllers.
  • Glitches – I fear that once again people will exploit glitches which are unfair in a public match, personally I think something should be done to minimalise the amount of glitches.

2 thoughts on “Hopes and Fears – Modern Warfare 3.

  1. My hope is that this game never see’s the light of day. It’s becoming repetetive and stale now. My fear is that it is released along with several sequels 😦

    1. I have to agree. I’ve seen real game play footage at HMV, the graphics, gameplay and sounds are all the same. To be honest they have just gotten lazy, re-using stuff.

      CoD might be selling well so far but people will get bored, people will want more and it will bring the CoD series crashing down.

      With Battlefield however I feel there is more effort put into the game, and unlike CoD they actually try and update the graphics where and when they can, not to mention how fun the multiplayer is.

      Also Battlefeild 3 has won several awards already. Name one CoD game that has actually won an Award?

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