Quick Tip – Organise your Windows 7 Taskbar with spacers.

As we all know it can be a pain to organise the Windows 7 taskbar with spacers. Much like on a dock we can organise the icons in groups depending on their function etc. You can easily do this with the Windows 7 Taskbar.


Step 1 – Dummy Shortcuts

First make a new text document, and name it something like “dummyshortcut1”. Open it up and save it as an EXE file, make sure you have “all files” listed as the save type.



Step 2 – Changing the shortcut icon

Before you change the icon on the shortcut make sure you create a shortcut to the EXE file you created.  Just right click the dummy exe and click create shortcut.


Once you have created your shortcut, you need to change it to an invisible icon. Just right click the shortcut and click on properties>Change icon.

When you change the icon choose the one in the screenshot below. (no downloading needed)


Click OK then click on Apply and then pin it to the Windows 7 Taskbar and move it around. You have just created a spacer for the Windows 7 taskbar. Be sure not to click on the new spacer (just hold click to drag it around) if you do you’ll get an error message asking to remove it, make sure you don’t.


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