Tech Survey – 26711 (Questions Provided by KidGuru)

Since I cannot yet make this in video form, I’ve decided to make a blogpost about this for now. With a video version coming later on when I get my webcam set up. (My MS HD 5001).

1-When and Why did you start YouTube

I started YouTube in April 2007, and I started because a friend of mine known as “KurtisICT” suggest I start making them. I made one and couldn’t stop making videos.


2-What would you consider yourself ? – Power User, Early Adopter ,Everday User

Not sure, I am a combination of all three so I am a “Everyday Power Adaopter User”


3-What mobile phone do you use?

Samsung Galaxy S 1.

4-Setup Overview ? (PC , Monitors , etc)

I have an Acer Aspire X3200 with 4GB DDR2 RAM, nVida GeForce 9200, 1TB HDD with Windows 7 Premium. I am using my HDTV as a monitor.

My Laptop is an HP with 4GB DDR3, ATI Radeon Moobilty Graphics, 1366×768 resolution (15″ screen), 500GB HDD with Windows 7 premium.

5-Favorite Gaming Method (PC ,XBOX , PS3, Handheld)

Both PC and PS3 gaming. I like both because the PS3 is good for FPS games and the PC is good for RTS games and The Sims games.

6- Top 3 Software you install when re-installing OS


Microsoft Security essentials

Windows Live Writer


7-Favorite iOS / Mobile App

Google+ at the moment as it uploads pictures instantly.


8- Listen to any Podcasts?

No not really. However I might be starting too.


9- What apps do you currently have open ?

Don’t have any mobile apps open. On my laptop I have FireFox, explorer and Minecraft Open.

10- What OS are you on?

Windows 7 home premium 64bit.

Andriod 2.2.2 on my phone.

11- Favorite blogs to read

Don’t have a “favorite” blog. They are all good to me.

12-Know any coding?

I know HTML (XHTML), CSS and some Javascript.


13- Favorite Youtubers?



MagicRevealer (Haydn)

BulletofBullets (Reece)

Toastface5 (Sam)

Jake12001200 (Jake)



14- Top 3 tips to aspiring youtubers

– Keep at it

– Make sure you make a video at least once a month

– Block and Delete haters.


15-What are your websites?

My wordpress blog which you are reading now. I am not sure wether it is a real website as I did not code it by hand, and the theme was provided by wordpress.

I have made other websites in the past but they didn’t gain enough attention and I ended up abadoning them.


16-Do you regularly backup if so what drives do you use?

Not as much as I should. I use my 2 external 500GB USB hard drives. 

For software discs I use infrarecorder to rip them to my computer. I then transfer them to an external HDD.


17-Main Music listening device?

I have two. My laptop and my phone.  However I am not big on music.



18-Next item on your tech-purchase list if you have one?

Mainly games.

– Saints Row 3

– Battlefield 3

– Modern Warfare 3

– MGS HD collection (PS3)

– Warhammer 40k: Space Marine

– PS Vita

– OnLive Console



19-If youtube was to closedown what would you do?

I would go somewhere else. If I can’t I would make text based content with wordpress, like I am doing now.


20-Most influential person on YT?

KurtisICT mainly, as if he hadn’t of suggested I make videos, I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I have.


That is it for this techsurvey, if you would like to leave a response feel free to leave it in a comment, or when I make my video version you can leave a video response, or text comment.


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