Fake Apple Stores found in China.


I know this is a bit late getting onto my blog. but I wanted to get some more information about the “fake” Apple stores.

So what happend was an American blogger who lives in China went to what she though was a real Apple store, however on ispection she noticed serveral things that a genuine Apple store wouldn’t have.

The first thing she noticed was that the logo had the words “Apple Store” next to it which isn’t something you see on real Apple Stores. She also stated that while it was a very good rip off the store inside was poorly constructed, with paint peeling off the walls the and stair case not being sturdy enough.

Apple does in fact have authroised resellers, however they are not allowed to copy or brand their stores as Apple stores.

However the American blogger failed to comment on whether the products were counterfeit, and a lot of people in China do not seem to bothered, as long as the products are real then there isn’t any real cause for concern.

If the Apple stores are indeed fake, then that means Apple is losing money on prodcts as the money is likley going to the store and not the Company.


My thoughts

To be honest I agree that if the products are real then there is no cause for concern, the only problems with fake Apple stores is that you might not have the great support that Apple gives you when you purchase a prodcut. I do think that they shouldn’t be branded as Apple stores, but since they don’t sell anything other than Apple products what can you call it? 

I could be wrong on what I said, and feel free to correct me. I am not a business type of person so financal stuff isn’t my strong point. 

What are your thoughts on this?


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