illage2 on Google+

As the title implies I am now on Google+. I have to say Google+ is awesome and I will be doing a review on the andriod application when I get the time. On the whole I am thinking of reducing my activity on Twitter, to use Google+.

Why switch?

Google+ is so easy to use and there are no stupid fan pages to worry about, no event invites to worry about and no one spamming you on it (Yet) and I feel that Google shouldn’t change anything about the social network. For something that is in beta testing stage it is mostly bug free.

If anything Google+ just needs to stop sending E-mails out when someone comments on something, when the notifications in the top right do that for you.

Short App review.

Okay, for now I’ll leave you with my short review.  It’s just 3 words really.

Fast, Free, Easy.

As I already said a full android app review will be up very soon.


Here is my Google+ Profile.

Please do not ask for invites, I do not have any to give out.

(If the link doesn’t work leave a comment and let me know and I’ll try again.)



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