The Biggest Tech Failures Part 1 (my opinion)

In this post I am going to list the biggest tech failures in my own opinion. I have no time scale and they are not in any order.


The iPad

The iPad was seen as a (not so much) revolutionary device that prompted other companies to start producing their own (better) alternatives for a fraction of the price of an iPad.

How it fails.

The iPad fails in many ways. The first being that the device it’s self is pretty useless in a home that already has an internet connected computer/laptop or an internet enabled smartphone. It’s large size (for a tablet) means you will have to take a bag with you when you want to take the iPad anywhere with you.

The touch screen (across all iOS devices) is a pile of shit. It hardly ever responded to me and the keypad is next to useless.

Lets not forget how locked down, slow and unstable iOS is when compared to other Mobile Operating systems.

It’s price also made it fail at a whopping £500+ for the base model without 3G is quite expensive for what it is , and I would advise people to think before they buy. If you already have a decent computer that is connected to the internet then avoid the iPad.

If you have no internet connection at all, avoid the iPad.



Xbox 360 (and Xbox live)

The Xbox 360 may be the most popular console in the USA, however in the rest of the world it is losing market share to the PS3 ….. and sadly …. the Wii.

Why it fails

It fails because since 2006 there have been 1000’s of RROD’s and Microsoft expect people to pay for services such as Twitter and Facebook (They require a Gold account). The Xbox live service is no better nor worse than PSN. I do not see how Microsoft can justify charging people money to play games online when the games themselves cost around £40-50 to buy and most PC games including WoW are free to play online, as well as those games on PSN.   If you think about it the Xbox 360 is the most expensive console to own.

Ok here is a break down of the costs:

Xbox pre 2010 – £200 (W/out Kinect)

£50 per game (£60 if it’s Call of Duty)

£60-70 a year for Xbox live

£70 for the wireless adapter

£40 for the play and charge kit (The PS3 has this on all controllers as standard)

£XXX for DLC using MS points

If you add all that up the total cost of running a pre-2010 Xbox is roughly £620.

For the 2010/2011 version take away £70 and you are still paying a whopping £550 for the console.



Another thing it fails at is it’s use of the standard DVD ROM format which is out-dated compared to the PS3’s Blu Ray player.

The last thing it fails on is the MS points system. You’re not getting what you paid for, the MS points system is ripping people off. From what I can see, it’s about £10 for 100 MS points, which won’t get you jack shit on Xbox live. PSN displays the price in REAL currency, therefore with PSN you know how much you are paying.


That is it for Part 1, stay tuned for part 2 where I cover more tech failures.


3 thoughts on “The Biggest Tech Failures Part 1 (my opinion)

  1. I understand that these are your opinions, but I’m going to throw in my own.

    I don’t understand your hatred for Apple. I own a iPhone 4, and owned a iPod touch, as well as have used a iPad, and I love all of them. (Don’t presume that I’m a Apple Fanboy, as I’m not. I just like the iDevices. I don’t plan on getting a Mac any time soon).

    Firstly, the screens on all iDevices are amazing. There are very few touchscreens that are more sensitive. If you have a issue with it, maybe you just don’t like touchscreens all round, which is fine, but that’s not Apple’s fault. The keyboard is something that needs some use in order to use, but it could be that you don’t like the keyboard because of the touchscreen. That type of keyboard is used on many other devices.

    Secondly, it’s not useless. That’d be like saying all laptops are useless. If someone wants to be able to lay around at home, playing games, surfing the Internet, then the iPad is great. Using a smartphone instead is not really a reason though, as that lacks many features the iPad has, including a larger screen and more apps.

    You say when taking it out you’d need a large bag, well here is something you missed out on. The product was created for home use, so bringing it elsewhere is not what it’s made for. However, the fail of that is people have created carry cases, pockets and what-not in order for people to carry them around. It’s created for home use, as is many tablets. (Also, if they were created to bring around outside, they’d be easier than carrying massive laptops).

    iOS is very stable, I don’t know what else to say there really. Never had a issue with iOS before, unless it’s something I’ve caused. Compared to andriod OS’s they have many more apps, so not really locked down. And also, the App Store on iDevices are a breeze to use. (I’ve been using my dad’s Scroll tablet the last few days, and the App Store on that is just horrid. It’s slow, crashes all the time, the search feature freezes and half the apps aren’t available). And it’s not slow at all, unless you decide to fill up all but 100MB’s of space. Until then, the OS is not slow at all. (Also, if locked up is as issue, legally jailbreak the device. This opens the device up even further, being able to do next-to anything you wish on the device).

    As for price, that cannot be a reason to why you do not like something. Although yes it’s expensive, and I do agree on that. It’s still a great device. You cannot buy apps on laptops, nor have laptops as small as said tablet. There are tons of things out of my price range that I still adore. They maybe pricey, but they are still good. Although I’ve never been a fan of Blackberry’s for instance, I can see why other people would buy them. I’d never get one myself, but I don’t dislike the company that create them.

    Moving onto the Xbox 360.

    A also think it’s moronic that they basically charge people for using the Internet on the console, and then there is how bad live is when you do have it. The point system is screwy, they should’ve stuck to: £20 = £20 on the store. As the PS3 Store does.

    The lack of a Blu-ray player does also set it back, but it’s not something I’d be all to bothered with, as I buy consoles to play games, not to watch films on. (However having one in my PS3 does come in handy now and again).

    But I don’t think the 360 is a failure. They mainly lacked in the store area. If that was fixed, I’d have had a harder time deciding between the PS3 and Xbox 360. The price of Xbox games are the same as PS3 games though, so that’s not a factor. The console alone is cheaper than the PS3 however. Like I said, if they sorted the online system it would be a decent console, and would have cut the price dramatically. They both cost around the same if you are buying just the console and a few games, the rest is optional.

    Anyway, nice post. As I said at the start, I know these are your opinions. I just wanted to say a few things to. I look forward to Part 2.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to type all that out. I do agree that the rest are optional extras, but I found myself needing a play and charge kit since I the batteries were draining pretty quickly, and I didn’t want to go out and buy batteries constantly. I also needed the wireless adapater since we couldn’t get a cable long enough to go all the way upstairs.

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