New Mac Mini–My thoughts.


Apple recently released the new Mac Mini which will come as standard on every Mac from now on. In this post I am going to be giving a few of my own personal thoughts. Now keep in mind that I have had very little experience with the Mac OS platform so this will be based mainly on the hardware sign of things.




No CD/DVD Drive


The first thing you’ll likely notice is the lack of a DVD drive. This was removed due to Apple’s recent push into getting rid of the optical drive. This has met with criticism stating that people who need to install software without an internet connection will be left in the dark.

The lack of this drive means that you have to rely solely on your internet connection. If you have no connection or a slow connection then the Mac Mini is not for you.

You could always get an external DVD Drive however, that will be expensive will bump the price of the new Mac Mini up to £600+.

However if you look at it from the good side it has slashed the price down to around £529 for the base model, and around £600 for the server.

It seems that any software will have to be downloaded and installed at an Apple store should you have no access to the internet.


Increased performance



The performance of the hardware is almost doubled compared to the last gen Mac Mini. With that being said it packs a lot of power in such a small form factor. This power however is not the most powerful, and it certainly won’t be able to run MANY of your games or do any heavy duty media editing.  However it is powerful enough to get stuff done, but nothing heavy.


In my opinion you’re not getting enough power for your pound and if your looking for power, I’d avoid the Mac Mini and get something else. I managed to score a higher spec laptop for around half the price of the Mac Mini.



The Mac Mini has all the standard ports you would expect, this time around it includes the new “Thunderbolt” port, which some see as useless, since there are not that many devices that use it yet. Maybe in a few years down the line, but do we really need another port?


Other than that you can use a cheap USB Keyboard and mouse with the Mac Mini.


In short

In short the Mac Mini is a great personal computer, however professional media editors/producers might be a little put off due to the under-performing hardware and the lack of a CD/DVD Drive make it even more off putting. The huge £529 price tag is quite high for a base model Mac Mini.

Honestly the Mac Mini is not worth having, the £529 can be saved for a better desktop computer.


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