Where have i been?

Since it has been a long(ish) time since I last made a blog post I thought I should explain why, as I feel that it’s needed, and it shows that I have not abandoned the blog.

Okay the main reason is that as you all may know I now have a job which means I have less time to post stuff to my blog, by the time I finish work for the day I just want to play some games, which is what usually happens.

Recently there has been a lot of new game releases which I have been waiting for, which takes up the rest of my free time. However as of this month there has been no new releases which means I can allocate more time to the blog. however this will only last until november since there are new releases due in novemeber.

I know it is a pathetic excuse, but I do not know what else to tell you.

I should also mention that a few days ago I scored a deal on a high spec laptop, which I will make another post about later on today if I get the time.

I have also been testing the new “Cosmic Panda” layout on YouTube. I still have to test it on other browsers, which when done I will make a blog post with screen shots detailing what I like and what I do not like about it.

I would like to thank you all for your patience and understanding. More videos and more blog posts will come.


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