Why shouldn’t consoles have just the motion and tablet controls

On all honesty I am not a huge fan of tablets, and motion controls as they are unresponsive, glitchy, expensive and awkward.

On the next Gneration of consoles I really hope they don’t ditch the normal controllers for motion controls. I want to play the game, the way I want. We should be given a choice, and not have it forced on us. If this is forced on us, then I will switch to PC gaming full time.

To me the gaming industry is getting like Apple now. Hyping up crap. (We all remember GTA 4 and Homefront). Let’s not forget that motion controls are not cheap. Especially the kinect for Xbox at a whopping £150 (if purchased separately). Not to mention that you’ll need a huge amount of room to be able to use the motion controls.


Not lets move on and pick on Nintendo’s new Tablet controller.

I hate touch screen controls, they are always buggy or unresponsive. Not to mention that the new tablet controler cannot be purchased separately, so what happens if it breaks?  (I also saw some footage of it from E3 with people noting it’s cheap build quality) I see why they are not selling them as a standalone product because tablets are expensive to produce.

Nintendo have not realized this issue, remember what happened when the Wii was released ….broken TV’s.

In my opinion no new technology should me implemented unless someone identifies the problems with it and finds a way of dealing with them. I don’t know who tested  the new tablet controller (Probably no one) but it’s a bag of shite.


Motion controls are good for losing weight, which is the ONLY reason I am willing to invest in one, but I will not be using motion controls for other games.


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