News – Duke Nukem PR firm Axed after “Poor” reviews.

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Duke Get's ready for battle.

It seems that Take Two has axed the Duke Nukem PR firm due to the surprisingly poor reviews about the game Duke Nukem forever which was in Development for about 12/13 years from when it was first announced back in 1998.

The PR firm in question had it’s contract terminated after it tried to stonewall journalists who gave the game poor reviews, the row occured after this PR firm posted an “Angry” Tweet about the negative reviews about Duke Nukem forever.

Too many went too far with their reviews…we r reviewing who gets games next time and who doesn’t based on today’s venom

The game has been downed by its dated design, embarrassing character and poor controls. By many critics.


Personally I really enjoyed playing Duke Nukem forever. I had a look on the gamespot user reviews and most seem to disagree with the critics, my review did note that while Duke Nukem did look a little dated, and it had poor multi player, I did praise it for it being humors as ever (not the mention the hot women in it) and that it was a game for old school gamers, not for the CoD generation.

You can read my Duke Nukem review here:

The game is a lot of fun and I am sure they will improve on it should they make another Duke Nukem game.


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