New method of creating Screencasts.

As you all may know since I got Windows 7, my video quality has been getting better and better. I figured I will let you all in on how I am making them better.

You see a long time ago I created an evernote account with the main intention of saving links to interesting websites to save for later viewing, however I did not really use it as much as I should and I almost forgot I even had an evernote account.

Now I find myself using evernote as a research tool for my screencasts. I search the web for cool Windows 7 tips etc. I use evernote to clip the websites, links  and other information so I can then use that information at home to make the video.

I also test out software and other things before I even make the video to make sure it works, as sometimes I find myself getting an error message on my screencasts which I did not foresee.  With testing, I can  minimise this and I know what I am saying and when I am saying it clearly.

Of course my videos still are not perfect, in many cases my audio and video are slightly out of sync, even though BBFlashback is supposed to fix this automatically, again this is something I am trying to fix.

You may have also noticed that I now place my Twitter and Blog links in the video description. That way people are directed to the blog and my Twitter page should they want to follow me on twitter or are just interested in reading the blog.

I feel that I am starting to become more professional when it comes to making screen-casts for YouTube.

I am also going to start making videos for Mega Byte TV on YouTube as well.

I would like to thank you all for your support both on YouTube and on Twitter, and I will keep making videos.

By the way I am also going to be doing a Minecraft series with Sakotius on YouTube. We’re still planning this out, and see how it will all work.

As for the blog, I will still be posting tech news and giving my opinions on the tech news. I will this time be providing links to the original source of the news.

Thanks for reading this very long post, and feel free to leave a comment below with suggestions for the blog, or use the contact form if you want to leave feedback.



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