New Twitter Client – MetroTwit (Windows only)

There are many twitter applications out there for al platforms, but in this blog post I am going to talk about a new one that I have been using called “MetroTwit)


As you can see from the start it uses what people are calling the “Metro UI” by Microsoft. (Application is not an official MS product) and in my opinion it looks pretty decent. It comes with both a light and a dark which can be changed if you prefer, you can also change the colour the the blue bar at the top to also suit your needs or it can have a colour based on your Visual style.


Also when viewing media inside the application, you do not have to leave the application as it shows all the media inside the application, you also have the option to view the media in a browser.

It also auto-shortens links when you paste them in, again that is a great time saver, and you do not have to configure the URL shortener setting.

It is a straight up twitter client that looks awesome. It has amazing integration with the Windows 7 taskbar as it shows the number of unread tweets in the taskbar. Very easy to use, very simple.

Ok so there are a few things wrong with  it:

  • When I first started using it the “friends” column would not show any tweets. I had to reboot my computer for it to work.
  • The right click context menu is very difficult to see while the theme is set to dark.
  • Not obvious, but you have to right click to attach an image in a tweet. Would have been better to see a button to attach images.


Overall MetroTwit is worth try for its interface alone, but there are a few bugs which need to be fixed, but they will overtime since MetroTwit is in beta at the moment so it is understandable that there are a few bugs.

Download Link – [ ]

If you want to see more Twitter clients, take a look at this list. [ ]


Anyway thanks for reading.


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