Experiences with Windows 7 – So Far.

As you all may know I recently upgraded to Windows 7, and now it is time to post about my experiences with the OS.

Ok, so first of all the upgrade was really easy to perform, just pop in the upgrade DVD and away I went. Initially I had to uninstall McAfee due to me restoring the PC back to factory default prior to upgrading to make sure everything went smooth. The upgrade wouldn’t work until I had uninstall-ed McAfee so I did.

The installation went quite well. No problems with it at all.

All of my drivers worked like a charm, I had no issues getting them all to work, and the Wireless USB adapter worked after I installed the drivers from the disc.

In terms of gaming I was able to use higher settings on Supreme commander 2 where as on Vista I had to take everything down to the lowest setting, although I have yet to test other games it seems that gaming performance has been improved, if only a little. On some games I might not even notice the difference in performance. As I said I need to test more games to see if there is a noticeable difference.

For some mad reason I had issues getting DropBox to install at first, as the installer would give me an error, but it seems to be working now. Looks like there was an issue when I first downloaded it, so I downloaded it again and ran it, and installed it just fine.

I am very impressed with Windows Live Mesh. Free 5GB of online storage which is excellent for backing up a fair amount of my files. I might  look for another storage space on the cloud to see if I can squeeze out more storage space, but at the moment WLM (Windows Live Mesh) combined with drop box gives me 7GB of online storage for free, which will be enough for the time being.

I am also impressed with the Windows live suite as a whole. On Vista I was stuck with the old Windows live suite, as the new 2011 version would only work on Windows 7 or SP2 on Vista, however I couldn’t update to service pack 2 on Vista as it would give me an error.

I also love the new features on Windows Live messenger along with the new interface. Looks pretty nice now, but all it needs is twitter integration. It works seamlessly with Facebook. Although I do not use the MSN messenger that much.

The boot up time is much faster, booting up in a matter of seconds. A huge improvement over Vista’s boot time.


Overall my experience with Windows 7 so far has been positive. I keep expecting something to go horribly wrong but for now everything seems to working just fine.


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