Google News – Abandoning older browsers.

According to Google those using IE7, Safari 3, and FireFox 3,5 (and earlier versions) will have trouble using Google services such as Gmail. They warned that these services could stop working at all for those on older browsers.

This move is to get people on new browsers, as the older browsers are insecure and not up to par to handle the latest web technologies such as HTML 5. Also Google’s engineers are keen to srart using new web technologies that will not work on 0lder browsers.

Microsoft has been trying for years to force people to upgrade from IE6, but has met little success, they have even tried to push IE8 out in an automatic update but companies that do not want to change have automatic updates turned off so they are still using IE6.

Mozilla has had more success, as the user base for Firefox 3.5 has dropped to one million.


Google has announced that from 1st August 2011 it will only support “modern” browsers.

However Google isn’t the only company to be doing this, WordPress is dropping support for IE6, YouTube is dropping IE6 support.


Honestly I think this is a good move. I do not see why people have not yet upgraded to the latest browsers. Most browsers are free and easy to install. None of these companies has gave a reason for not upgrading.

However if you notice Opera and Google Chrome are not on that list ….. could it be that older versions of Chrome and Opera are still able to be used?

I have to use IE6 and FireFox 3 at work, they are rubbish hence why I use Google Chrome portable. We all need to upgrade now, it’s 2011 and there is new technology out there.


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