Update –Windows 7

Hey everyone, I thought I would make a blog post to tell you all that I purchased a Windows 7 upgrade and I have now upgraded to Windows 7, after years with Vista I thought it was time for a change.

I am not saying that Vista was bad in anyway, it worked well for the time I was using it, but now I realise that Vista is old and everything I see on the web is about Windows 7 I figured that if I am using Vista then there is no point in reading these articles/guides etc.

However before I upgraded, I made sure to set my Vista installation back to factory default, sure I lost everything (again) but I like to have a clean computer when I upgrade as it makes the upgrade process easier and quicker due to it not having to work through all the junk that was on the computer. It also helped minimalize the possibility of any errors during the upgrade.

Before I could install Windows 7, I had to uninstall McAfee as it wouldn’t have worked with Windows 7 according to the installer. However all the factory “crapware” was still there but I have long since deleted it.


The above screenshot is of my Windows 7 Desktop customised with a visual style and start button change.

Anyway the upgrade went smooth there were no problems with the installation other than it took a while to upgrade.

My Wireless USB adapter worked once I installed the drivers from the disc, the same goes for my webcam as well.

I an very happy with this upgrade, practically everything I have works with it without any problems, I was actually expecting something to go wrong but nothing did.

One thing I do find odd is that my experience index score on Vista was only 3.1, but when I looked at it on Windows 7 it has gone up to 4.4.  (Screenshot will come later)

The bad thing is that I have voided my warranty so I cannot get my PC repaired should it need it. Due to this I am going to get some DVD’s to burn a restore disc so that I can restore my PC should I need to.

List of Applications installed:

  • VLC Media Player
  • WinAmp
  • FireFox
  • Steam
  • Destroy Twitter
  • MSE
  • WIndows Live writer (For Blogging)
  • Microsoft lifecam.
  • MInecraft
  • Patched to use 3rd party visual styles.
  • BBFlashback Pro (Legally)
  • With BBFlashback player for editing screen casts.
  • CamStudio (Testing purposes)
  • Supreme commander 2

I am working on getting more applications installed on my machine.

I am also getting some games installed so I can play them on Windows 7.

List of Problems so far:

US Keyboard Layout – Managed to set it to UK but I had to remove the US keyboard layout and and replace it with the UK Layout. Not a huge issue, but just annoying, especially when I am trying to type in an E-mail address.

Clock – When I first switched on the PC this morning the clock was an hour fast, but then reset to the correct time. A weird error, but nothing that requires my attention.

Windows Live Writer Spell check – I have set it to the UK Dictionary but it still says that I spelt “Minimise” wrong, even though we do not use a “Z” in it here in the UK we use an “S”. Again a small issue.


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