Where have I been?

A lot of you may have noticed that I have not made a video or blog post in a few weeks. I felt that it was time to explain why I have not been as active online these past few weeks.

Okay so the main reason is that I have a job now, and I don’t have much time to plan and make YouTube videos and blog posts, the little free time I get now is spent on gaming and watching NCIS. (pathetic I know) and I have said in the past that I will start making videos again, but most of the time I do not keep that promise. It is a promise I cannot make now, but I will say that I am going to start making videos again, however this will only take affect when I have the time to do so.

I currently have a video planned. It is about removing a Virtual  Machine from Virtual Box, because someone on YouTube asked me about it and I said I would make a video on it.

I might start giving shout outs to other YouTube tech channels, that I feel deserve more exposure, and I will be adding links to their channels on my channel. However please do not use this to spam me to death requesting to be given a shout out. It won’t work like that.

How this will work is that I search YouTube for tech channels, and I watch some of their videos and if they are good enough I’ll feature them on my videos and add a link to their channel. I may even add channels on their that I have been subscribed to for a long time.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions just visit the “Contact” link on the navigation bar, or leave a comment.


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