Why I like Android over iOS.

As you all may have noticed, I have purchased a Samsung Galaxy S, as I needed a decent Smartphone that didn’t require an expensive contract.

After using it for a few days (since Saturday last week) I have decided to list my likes and dislikes, and why I prefer it (Galaxy S) over an iPhone.

Samsung Pros

  • OS (Android) performs smoothly and rarely locks up.
  • The Android Market Place is easier to navigate and comes with more free apps than iOS does.
  • Access features such as emulators, animated wallpapers etc without having to jail break.
  • Apps have their own separate screen, so you don’t need to spend hours organizing them.
  • Many Apps can run in the back ground such as Twitter and Facebook.
  • Apps generally look better designed, and are not generically designed like their iOS counterparts.
  • Has rotation lock which my iPod touch (8GB 3G model) did not.
  • Keyboard is better to use, and looks better.
  • Shows you exactly what is taking up the battery life with it’s own built in Application. iOS does not have this function built in.
  • The default web browser is fast and efficient.
  • FireFox is not on iOS, it is on Android.
  • Cheaper than the iPhone.
  • Does not require iTunes or any dedicated software to manage media files.
  • Touch screen is more accurate than the iPhone
  • Text and websites are easier to read than on the iOS retina display.
  • HD back camera is great quality both visually, and audio wise. The file sizes are also small.
  • Can expand storage capacity with Mini SD cards, where as on iOS you cannot.
  • Comes Pre-installed with Anti Virus. iOS does not, meaning iOS is open to viruses and Malware. (This has happened in the past)
  • Anti Virus scans everything on the phone quickly. (It is also free)
  • Works fantastic with all the emulators I have used. On iOS (Jailbroken) the emulators were bad in terms of performance.
Samsung Cons
  • Sometimes I would end up hitting the options button by mistake.
  • Video camera can be rotated so when viewed on a computer the footage is upside down. This is offset by rotation lock.
  • Lock Screen can sometimes be a pain to unlock, not as quick as the lock screen on iOS.
  • Front facing camera is not of that great quality.
  • Android Market place has some virus issues with certain Apps (although I have yet to encounter any).
I was going to make a detailed explanation, but the list above pretty much says it all. While Android does have it faults, they are offset by the amount of benefits it has given me. Android has apparently taken a lot of flack recently, but don’t let that put you off.

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