List: Best Windows XP and Vista themes.

In the past I have done other lists which prove to gain attention quite quickly, and they seem to be some of my most read posts.  I decided to showcase some of the best Windows XP and Vista themes that I have found/used in the past.

You’ll notice that these themes are not based on another OS (Mac Linux etc) as there are too many of them around at the moment, and they can easily be found.

Also the themes here will not just tweak the taskbar they tweak everything that is possible.

Windows XP Themes

  1. Slan XP 2.0 by Lassekongo

    Slan XP 2.0 is a nice smooth theme that is minimalistic and looks good at the same time. One of the more bug free themes for Windows XP out there.    Download Link [ ]
  2.  Black Mesa by Valkyre

    This is a nice grey theme that suits well with the desktop. Although the name says “Black Mesa” it doesn’t appear to have any relation with the half life games, none the less a nice theme to use.  Download Link [ ]
  3. OminOS by emmanemma

    This is a nice theme which comes with many different colour schemes. Quite nice and minimalistic. Download Link [ ]
Vista themes
  1. Clear Screen round for Vista by K-Johnson

    A nice and Vibrant theme, that works well with just about any wallpaper and application. It has good support for Windows Aero and overall a nice theme.  It takes some work to get the files structured correctly but the creator provides instructions.  The theme also has different Taskbar sizes and other customisation options included.

  2. Anexic for Vista 1.2 by Austin8159

    A minimalistic dark theme that takes elements from the Giaia 09 theme and adds a hint of darkness and more smoothness. The theme also comes with the relevant RocketDock skin, Logon screen and wallpapers.

  3. Plastiq-V2 by Lukeedee 

    A nice smooth greyish theme that is both minimalistic and functional, it has no problems with applications and works like a charm.  The Windows 7 esque taskbar size is compensated with the application called “ViGlance” Which is also provided by the creator

Windows 7 Themes
Sadly I do not yet own Windows 7.  So I am going to let the community to help add to this list.
Any way that is most of the list for now. I will compile more themes with more screenshots and update this post as I get the time to do so. I might even make this into a page rather than a post if it gets popular enough.
If you want to feel free to share more Vista/XP/Windows 7 themes and I’ll post them here (giving you credit).

6 thoughts on “List: Best Windows XP and Vista themes.

  1. Thanks.
    But would have been super helpfull if somebody included directions on how to install them.
    I downloaded ‘Black Mesa’ And just got a few files that i have no idea what to do with.
    thanks anyway..

  2. thanks, but doesnt help much.

    If the original thread poster bothered to check his links, he would see that the ‘black messa’ download has no theme file at all.
    so it simply cant be seen or installed..

  3. I definately cant find the .theme file for black mesa.
    its not included in the download.

    Luckily i found the link for black mesa 2.
    This one had the theme file that was needed.

    nice theme, thanks.

    Just wish they would takt the black mesa 1 link down, its incomplete.

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