Quick Tip – Make Windows Vista/7 look like OSX. (Snow Leopard)

I decided to not add this to the main page for making Windows look like Mac OSX. Since it doesn’t require a lot of messing around.


Before attempting this please make sure you create a system restore point, although nothing should go wrong it couldn’t hurt to be prepared.




First thing you need to do, is head over to the snow transformation pack website, and download the transformation pack.

18-05-2011 18-17-29

Click the download link. [ http://www.winxsoft.com/stp/download.html ]

Once you have downloaded it, open it an follow the on screen instructions. I recommend that you customise the installation so you can see what features you want, and what features you don’t want.

The installation shouldn’t take too long, it only took me around 5 minuets (give or take) to install. When it asks you to reboot the computer do it.


Once you have done that, your desktop should look ( more or less) like mine. With the obvious exception of the wallpaper.

18-05-2011 18-13-12


Once you have installed it you can go to the Snow transformation pack’s welcome centre to customise the pack after you have installed it.

18-05-2011 18-30-56

You can also use these options to uninstall the transformation pack should you want too.

List of things that do not come with this transformation pack:

– Finderbar

I have tried using finderbar, but for some reason it just doesn’t work all that well with the Visual Style of the transformation pack.

– Left Sided Min/Max/Close

There used to be an application that did this, however that no longer works, and is no longer supported, it also has visual conflicts with FireFox 4 and Google Chrome.

– Mac Like desktop icons

These are not really needed, but I have seen an application that does this. I think it is called Ave Desk, but I am not sure.

– Some dock icons

Some of the dock icons such as the FireFox icon did not come with the dock, so I had to find a reflective icon for it.


Things that are included

– Exposé

Works quite well for productivity, but it is no were as smooth as it is on a real Mac.

– Icon effects

On a Mac when you click on an icon whether it be on the dock or on the desktop or in the finder, it would have a little animation. The transformation pack comes with Uber Icon which is developed by the same team that created rocketdock.  It actually works quite well, and it doesn’t slow my PC down.

– Rocket Dock

I don’t need to explain this much, it comes with all of the stuff to make it look like a Mac dock, including the stacks.

– Mac Like sounds

System sounds that make it sound like a mac

– Log on Screen

The log on screen isn’t Mac like but it is pretty close.

– Boot Screen

The boot screen just shows the Apple logo.

– OSX Wallpaper

You’ve all seen this before.


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