Looking for writers, details here.

I’ve decided that due to the time constraints I have now I need other people to start posting to this blog, to keep the blog up to date, as there are times when I post nothing for days (even weeks). It will also be good for when my PC craps up again and I have no way of blogging.  Below you will find more information on what you need to do to apply.


Before you Apply I need your first name, and general location (so I know where you come from) there is no need for a specific location. If you want to include your last name by all means go ahead, I promise that none of this information will be revealed without your permission.

I may ask you to create a post which introduces your self, all you’ll need is your first name and your last name can be displayed with a character. (Example: John. C) this is where you can include you general location so the readers know where you are coming from.



I would also like to know what kind of interests you have and what you want to blog about. Since this blog is mainly about technology, those with interest in technology will be considered first.

The topics I am looking for, cover:

Opinions on technology

Tech news



Free software

More information

If/when you are accepted, I will notify you by E-mail, from there I will ask you to create a post to intoduce your self, and then from there I will proof read it and correct it (if needed).

I have other information, but the information will only be given to successful candidates.

So if you would like to be a writer feel free to send me a message on Twitter or YouTube or by E-mail (illage2@gmail.com) and provide me with your E-mail address and your first name.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing more writers.


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