Google unveils new “ChromeBook”.

If you’ve been following the tech news, you’ll have no doubt heard that Google was making it’s own netbook which uses Google Chrome as its operating system. The test Chromebook was called “Cr-48” and was sent out to selected people to test it.

The announcement came on the second day of the Google I/O conference.  Samsung and Acer will be the main manufacturers of the new Chromebooks which will go on sale in June (in the US no UK date revealed yet)

The main aim of this Chromebook is just for online web browsing, and nothing more.


The Chrome netbook isn’t that great. It’s just the chrome browser on it’s own netbook.  Another thing that Google hasn’t considered is the fact there might not be a web connection, so you can’t get any work done on the netbook if its all online. I would like to see some sort of offline mode and some modest storage at least, just in case there is no web connection.

Also for a netbook it will expensive, which means Google have adopted the “Apple approach” to marketing.

Honestly for the price of the ChromeBook you can get more power and more storage space.

If you own an iPad, iPhone or other Tablet you should give the ChromeBook a miss as you are not going to gain anything that you don’t already have.

Q & A

Can I install more software on this?

No you can’t. It uses a web browser so you can’t access the hard drive, you can’t access the system and you can’t install extra software.  The ChromeBook is all online, so everything from consuming media to social networking will be done via web apps.

Does it have Wi-Fi?

Yes! All laptops have Wi-Fi and the Chromebook is no exception.

Will it have 3G?

Not sure, I imagine it would do.

What happens if there is no web access?

The netbook is useless. Since everything is done online.

Do you think the price is suitable?

NO! The price for a netbook should be £250 or lower. You’re looking at £300-400 for a ChromeBook. (Alhtough prices may change)

Will the web Apps be free?

At the moment most web apps are. However these are mostly shortcuts to websites and not techincally “Apps”. You could bookmark a website.

Will it be as Good as the Chrome web browser?

Yeah, the ChromeBook uses a variation of Google Chrome as its operating system.

Will there be a webcam?

Well from the early Cr-48’s that I saw, they did indeed have a webcam. However I can’t see what purpose it serves, since there is no online video conferencing software. You might be able to record to YouTube directly from it and live stream.

Is this a good replacement for my Desktop PC/Mac?

NO! Desktop PC’s and Mac’s will always be far superior and have the option of installing software on them. The Chromebook should only be used for quick web browsing.

Will there be a headphone/microphone port?

From early CR48 footage that I have seen, there is.

Can we use Google Chrome extensions?

Yes! Anything you can do in the Chrome Browser can be done on the Chrome book.

What size Screen?

Varies by manufacturer.

Is this ChromeBook OS  the same as the ChromeOS we saw back in 2009?

It’s possible, the main difference is that ChromeOS (09) was a distribution of Linux. Whether it’s the same as the one used on the ChromeBook remains to be seen.

Can I run games on this? 

ASK A STUPID QUESTION GET A STUPID ANSWER! …… actually not a stupid question but the answer is a huge NO! If you are talking about Flash Based games then yes.

Can I watch HD Content on this?

You can but it won’t be that good. HD requires good hardware and specs, which the ChromeBook does not have.


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