Confirmed: Microsoft Buys Skype for £5.2bn.

According to the BBC news technology and various other sources, it has been confirmed that Microsoft has indeed gone through with purchasing Skype, which was still at the rumor stages yesterday.

Apparently MS wanted Skype so they can improve their video conferencing services.

Microsoft has also confirmed that Skype will be integrated into Xbox live and will work with Kinect, but whether this will be for Xbox live Gold users only remains to be seen.

It might also be integrated into the Windows Live suite which means XP and Vista users will lose out since Windows Live only works with Windows 7.  Microsoft have not yet confirmed this.

Skype is available for Windows, Mac and Linux OS’s but some say that this might be a Windows only application in the future once Microsoft start getting involved.

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Personally I think this is a bad move by Microsoft.  Windows Live messenger already does everything Skype can do, and through 3rd part modifications it can call phone numbers as well.  If this is integrated into Windows Live then it means a lot of users will have to look to alternatives in order to use video conferencing, as the Windows live suite only works on Windows 7, and a lot of users (myself included) are still using XP and Vista.

To me this could be another lame attempt by Microsoft at forcing people to shell out £150+ to upgrade to Windows 7, rather than something useful.

If this is kept as a separate application and it works on all OS’s, then I’ll be happy.

Also this could mean the end of Skype on Mac and Linux, as Microsoft could make this a Windows only Application.

What are you’re thoughts on this?


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