The hackers hacked the hackers!

As you are all aware by now certain members of Anon (acccording to gamespot) were responsible for hacking Sony’s Playstation Network.

However ….. something has happened to Anon … their IRC servers got hacked,  by former member of anon known as “Ryan” (according to the metro news he was from the UK).

He DOSed annon because he grew tired with the so called “leadership” of AnonOps. He and many others have split from Anon.

However the main Anon group has managed to track down this “Ryan”, by acquiring his full name, his address, his location, his phone number and his Skype handle.

Some sources say that Ryan is the one who hacked the PlayStation network. (If this is true then it backs up my theory about the hacker being from the UK) If so the FBI and DHS wouldn’t have a hard time bringing him in for questioning.


If Ryan is indeed behind the PSN hack he must know a thing or two about hacking to have evaded the FBI, DHS and forensics teams for this long. However I believe that through hacking Anon he exposed him self. Whether or not he runs remains to be seen.

If Ryan is brought in then he may reveal the other splinter members of Anon.

A more indepth story on this can be found at the following link:


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