Rumor: Microsoft in talks to purchase Skype.

According to the wall street journal, Microsoft is in talks with Skype to purchase it.  The report also says the deal could be worth a total of  £5.2bn. ($8.2bn)

However both Microsoft and Skype have refused to comment on this. Which is why this is only a “rumor” at the moment.

So what could this mean for skype.

It could mean that Skype will be integrated into the Windows Live suite. However this would make Windows Live messenger redundant as Skype and WLM both have voice chat, video calling, and IM.  Could it be that some Skype features might be integrated into WLM?

Also this means that those who are still using Vista(Earlier than SP2) and XP will be left out due to them not being able to use the Windows live suite.  It seems like another attempt by MS to force users into upgrading to Windows 7.

I will not be hit too hard if MS buys Skype but I don’t want it integrated into the Windows Live suite, nor do I want to be forced into upgrading to a new service pack.

Could this mean that it becomes a Windows only application? Mac and Linux users could miss out if MS does indeed buy Skype, especially if they plan to integrate it into the Windows Live suite.

At the moment I wouldn’t worry too much about Skype, it seems to still work as intended across all systems.

Source: (BBC News Technology Accessed 10/05/2011: )


One thought on “Rumor: Microsoft in talks to purchase Skype.

  1. I am really hoping Skype does not get integrated into Windows Live suite and become Windows only. If it does, then us Mac users and Linux users will have a hard time finding a decent replacement for skype. Also if it does become Windows only, it will be the second free application I will start hating this year (the other one being spotify). Heres to hoping that even if MS do purchase it , they still have it as cross-platform… and free.

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