Social Media Exchange – Empire Avenue.

Hello again everyone. I thought I would make this post to tell you all about Empire Avenue. Which is essentially a Sotck exchange but for social media …… STOP RIGHT THERE! Before you go commenting “We need money” you don’t. The service is free and uses free virtual money called “Eaves”.

It is a great place to help you gain exposure on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social networks.

If you need a better explination, I will let Mobilephone2003 on YouTube explain it a bit better than I have.

You can buy shares off me, sell shares ….. its better to take a look at it your self.

Also can you all endorse my blog? I need five people to do so.

You can find me here: [ ]

Or you can follow this link: [ %5D  (Copy and paste into you’re browser)

Anyway, thanks again for reading. I look forward to seeing you on empire avenue.


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