Portal 2 PS3 – Thoughts.

This post is not to discuss PSN being down. Ok so leave those comments out of this.

Anyway to sum it up Portal 2 is an amazing game, Valve have really done a great job with Portal 2. They have tried to not divert the game into another story line, which is great for fans, and new comers alike.

The good

  • Puzzles are varied and challenging, but not frustrating.
  • Good humor from GlaDOS and the Portal Turrets, the voice acting is fantastic. (Not too mention the singing turrets)
  • More game-play mechanics add more challenges to even the most hardcore portal fans.
  • Graphics wise, the PS3 version is fantastic.
  • Steam and PSN integration (when PSN comes back online)
  • Split-screen Co-Op is very good, and is different from the single player campaign adding more variety and replay value.
  • Ability to save games via steam cloud on PS3 and then use game save on PC/Mac version.
  • Cross platform online Co-op between PS3 and PC/Mac. (This is the first AAA game to do this)
The bad
  • Loading screens can take a while.
  • Some puzzles are very frustrating especially in the later stages.
  • Not enough combat.
  • Can be confusing (at first) for new Portal players.
Overall Valve have done another fantastic job with this game.  However I wouldn’t have minded a better focus on combat, and using guns combined with the portal gun would have made for some interesting game play mechanics. Again this is only a minor complaint, GlaDOS and the turrets are as funny as ever, and they bring back the portal experience to the PS3.

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