My Rules – Revised.

STOP! I know what you are thinking, worry not for these are not rules for the blog, but rather the list of rules I like to follow. So I am going to post my revised list.

  1. There is no such thing as a free meal. Everyone wants something for something.
  2. Tablets(iPad etc) are overrated and a waste of money.
  3. A great typer doesn’t need to type fast, they just need to type accurate.
  4. E-mail is the best form of communication, second best is a phone call.
  5. If you think something is a rip off …. odds are it is.
  6. Hackers have no life
  7. Best console is the PS3, second best is the PC … there is no third best.
  8. Never get a phone on contract.
  9. If a computer doesn’t work, scream at it and hit it …. if it still doesn’t work scream at tech support.
  10. Windows Vista is a good OS…. anyone who says otherwise are Apple Fanboy’s/Fan girl’s
  11. PC games can work even on older PC’s … just tweak them.
  12. Don’t be lazy….
  13. Just because a critic says a game is good doesn’t make it good.
  14. Never cheat … at games or in a relationship.
  15. Don’t believe the hype check and re-check before buying.
  16. Respect is earned not given.
  17. Trust is also earned not given.
  18. Block and Delete Hate comments on YouTube.
  19. Don’t fall into the “tech trap” get the tech that works ONLY for you.
  20. Not everything you read is true, check, check and check again.
  21. Chuck Norris jokes are old ….
  22. Always use two different AV scanners to scan for Viruses, one is not enough.
  23. Never use Norton or MacAfee they slow your PC down.
  24. Torrents are legal as long as they arn’t downloaded from TBP (The Pirate Bay)
  25. JRPG’s suck. They are confusing.
  26. IGN DO NOT make good reviews.
  27. Sometimes …. you’re wrong.
  28. Stand up for what you believe in.
  29. Don’t let the police/government access your bank records, online browsing history and other personal information without a warrant.

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