Updates – 13/5/2011

I thought I would share an update with you all once again.

Video Updates

Since BBSoftware were kind enough to let me use their pro suite for free. I decided to get back into the screen-casting business. As you are all aware I’ve not really made that many tutorials or screencasts for a few months now. It was mainly because I was trying to get my life on track, and I have done now. I have also been gaming a lot as well.

If you have not yet seen my latest video then you can do here:

I’ve got more tutorials planned for the coming weeks. However at the moment I am going to focus on Virtual Box. My next Virtual Box video will cover how to install the guest additions. I also have a third part, deleting a Virtual Machine, as requested in the comments of the latest video.

Other planned videos:

  • Recommended FireFox 4 Addon’s.
  • Recommended Freeware applications.
  • Importing RocketDock themes to ObjectDock.

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