Blog Updates – 11/4/2011

Visual Changes
  • Changed theme to something different but minimalistic.
  • Got rid off Raptr Profile card. Will be adding link to profile under my personal links on the left sidebar.
  • Added “Meebo” chat to sidebar. I am still working on this so please do not use it yet.
  • Added my Twitter feed, so you can see what I am tweeting.
  • Added a category drop down list.

Other changes

  • Proof read my pages, and will continue to do so over the coming months as some posts need it.

Planned Changes

  • Embedding a live stream on its own page. I am still experimenting with this feature so don’t expect to be working 100% yet.
  • Thinking of adding more authors so there is always something to read on my blog. I am still working on the candidate form, and how you apply to become a writer.
  • Thinking of adding polls to the blog, every month.

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