BBFlashBack Pro

If none of you are aware let me share a story with you.

A few weeks ago, I decided to wipe my PC clean and re-install Vista. The whole process only took about twenty minutes to complete, thanks to the built in functionality that came with my PC. I then realised after that, I forgot to back up my music, pictures and software. I ended up losing a lot, but it was nothing I could get back.

I then discovered that people wanted me to cover the new version of VBOX and how to install Ubuntu on it. The main problem was that the only screen capture software that does it perfectly was BBFlashBack Pro, as it works a lot better with the system and VBOX.

So I figured I would sent BBFlashBack an E-mail asking them if I could use their pro software for free, when I make my videos.  I waited a few more weeks and last night they got back to me …. and they accepted me. On the condition that I mention the company in the video and provide a link to their website in the description.

I’ll break down what I like and don’t like about BBFlashBack Pro


  • Light weight on the system compared to other screen capture applications.
  • Able to change resolution while recording, and change it back after recording.
  • Nice Frame rates
  • Great quality screen-casts
  • Quick to render videos
  • No messing around with tons of file formats when exporting.


  • Interface takes some getting used too.
  • Lack of adding transitions
  • Lack of audio optimization

My resolution is currently 1360×768, which is HD (Just over 720p) so I wouldn’t need to change the resolution.  Over the next few days I’ll be uploading test videos to see which settings I like. I’ve not used BBFlashback in a very long time so I can’t remember which settings I used.

I am very happy with this. I can now start making real screencasts with professional grade software.

List of screencasts I am going to make:

  • Updated Guide for installing Ubuntu on Virtual Box
  • Recommended FireFox 4 addons.
  • Installing RocketDock themes on ObjectDock.
  • Wallpaper websites
  • Video about my video page banner.
  • Recommended Blogging Applications

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