Super High Quality with CamStudio.

In this post I am going to show you how to get Super High Quality settings for YouTube, take note that although this is not HD, it is still fantastic quality.


Step 1 – Download CamStudio and the lossless codec

You need to download both from the official website.  (You might have to scroll down a bit).

When you are downloading the lossless codec make sure you down load the .exe version and not the Zip version. The exe version is much easier to install, but don’t install the codec until you have installed camsutdio.


Step 2 – Recording Dimensions and settings.

There are many resolutions you can try even 720p but it is a pain to work with on CamStudio.

First set the region to a fixed region of 640×360.


Leave “Drag Corners to pan” checked and click ok.

Next we want to set CamStudio to record using the lossless codec. To do this click on Options>Video Options

Choose “Lossless Codec Version 1.4” and set the quality up to 100.


For now we can leave the other options as they are, click ok to close the video options.

By default CamStudio does not record the audio, so we need to set it up.  Again go to options, and click on “Do not Record Audio” and it should now be unticked, however we also need to tell CamStudio what Microphone we are using.

Click on Options>Audio Options>Audio Options for Microphone

Your options for the microphone should look like this.


You might be using a different  microphone than I am. However it shouldn’t matter if you keep these settings the same as mine.

Step 3 – AutoPan

Autopan will allow the recording to follow your mouse around the screen. It is really easy to set.

First go to Options>Enable Autopan  that should enable the autopan feature.

Now we need to adjust the speed of the autopan,  Go to Options>AutoPan Speed


A good speed to start off with would be 40, but if that doesn’t suit you, then you can play around with the speed to get the results you want.

Once you have done all that click record and record your video.

Thanks for reading.


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