First Strike Map pack – Over Priced?

I was wondering how much the new map pack for Black Ops was on PSN the other day and I almost fainted when I saw how much it was  …… £11.49 no joke.

This map pack is by and large the most expensive map pack ever, in the past map packs would set you back about £5 – £7. There is no way in hell I am going to pay £11.49 for a few extra maps.  If they had added another campaign, more weapons, and more perks along with the new maps, then I wouldn’t be complaining.

Sure it has a new Zombie map, but is it really worth paying £11.49 for though?


Honestly I never pay more than £10 on DLC unless it adds tons of stuff to a game, and not just a few extra maps.


Tell me your thoughts.

Did you get the new map pack? Is it worth £11.49?


Leave a comment.

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