Fallout: New Vegas – My thoughts.

As you may or may not know, I have become somewhat … addicted to the Fallout games (Not the older ones). And Fallout Vegas is no different. I am currently on my 4th … yes 4th run on the game. So I am going to give my thoughts on the different aspects of the game (not all but some).


Game play

The game is very easy to get used to, and the addition of a “Hardcore” mode which adds more tactical and Survival game play make it stand out. The developers have made Fallout Vegas play more like an FPS with the new Iron Sights and weapon attachments. Overall the game play is solid, and will appeal to those who have played Fallout 3.


Instead of getting a Perk at every level, in Fallout Vegas you get a new perk at every 2 levels, so it forces players to think about which perk they should take. As you level up more perks will be unlocked.

Also the addition of the Wild Wasteland perk, makes the game a little….. odd. As it adds stuff such as Aliens, old women trying to hit you with a rolling pin and also indiana jones in a fridge.  Also with the Wild Wasteland perk on, you gain access to the Alien Blaster.


I love the variety of weapons in Fallout Vegas. They have added a ton of unique weapons, and also added new weapons as well as adding old weapons such as the 10mm pistol.

Most weapons can be modified to make them better, which is something that was absent from Fallout 3, however I am upset that once you attach a mod, you cannot remove it. I am not sure if there is a limit to how many mods you can have on a weapon.

Also they have added different ammo types, which are effective against different enemies, or they may help stop the gun from degrading so fast.  Again this is great as it adds more tactical thinking to the game.


The companions once again make a return. Some are fairly easy to acquire, however you can only have 1 humanoid follower and 1 non humanoid follower. (Personal ED-E and Veronica are a good combo) Some companions require you do a quest, and others can be acquired by simply talking to them.

They have also added a “Companion Wheel” so now it is much easier to give your companion instructions.

Now I am going to get into what I do not like about Fallout Vegas.


Death Claws

The death Claws on fallout 3 were not that much of a problem as they are very rarely encountered. However on Fallout Vegas they are much more common and they attack in groups which can overwhelm the player and the player could possibly die. I struggled to find the right weapon and ammo combination to take them down but they seem to be near un-stoppable, especially in larger groups. Most times I need a companion with me to take them down.


Through the game, it crashed quite often. Requiring me to restart the console and load up a save game which is very annoying.

I also encountered a bug with the brotherhood of Steel. When I first did a quest for them, when I went back to speak to the elder the BoS started attacking me for no reason. This is a very common bug, and its not just tied down to the BoS, I’ve had friendly factions with whom I have a good rep with attack me for no reason.

Also in Camp Searchlight I cannot do the the quest there, because I can’t seem to interact with the character to start the quest. 

I’ve experienced way to many bugs to count, so I’ll not go into all of them.

However in recent updates the crashes have managed to ease off a little but the game does still crash every now and then. And some of the bugs remain.


Honestly if you can see past the issues, you’ll enjoy Fallout: New Vegas. I did, and I can’t seem to stop playing it. There are many ways to complete the game.


Graphics:   8/10 – Some textures can be a blurry at times. Overall very good though.

Game Play:   7/10 – The game play is very good. However crashes and bugs still remain.

Audio:   9/10 – The audio for the game is very good.

Re-Play Value:  9/10 – I can’t seem to stop playing the game.

DLC Rating:  9/10 – The DLC is very good, however it can be very difficult at times. (Dead Money DLC)


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